#FeedCthulhu Deadline Extended

This just in… we’ve had a few requests to extend the 24 Hour #FeedCthulhu Feed the Hungry Twitter Challenge.

Some people just got the note, couldn’t #FeedCthulhu on time, or were planning to make a donation before meeting up with friends and family.

That’s fine. If you keep giving, and keep Tweeting #FeedCthulhu, I’m happy to keep the doors open until midnight Thanksgiving.

Please help spread the word, and ask your friends to help spread the word. Let’s make a difference.

All you have to do is make a donation–any donation, so long as someone gets fed–then Tweet: I fed Cthulhu [your donation] to [organization] #FeedCthulhu @lossrockhart

That’s it. You #FeedCthulhu and you’re entered to win a copy of The Book of Cthulhu, either an e-book or a signed, personalized copy.


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