Etsy Cthulhu

Etsy is a strange place, filled with terror and wonder. And earlier tonight I risked my sanity by going to Etsy to search for Cthulhu.

Why? For you, dear reader…

So here you go. Something you never thought you’d need. The nine best Cthulhu-related items currently on Etsy. Happy shopping!

1) Meatspider Cthulhu Idol v202

Cthulhu of Willendorf

2) Cthulhu with Jayne Cobb’s hat

For the Browncoat in your life. With bonus secret compartment.

3) Remembering The Future II

Giclée Print of Original Painting by Jason Brammer

4) Box of Miniature H. P. Lovecraft Books

Say, is that a tiny copy of Unaussprechlichen Kulten you’re reading?

5) Steampunk Wall Tentacle

We can’t stop here, this is octopus country!

6) Don Cthulhu

The Call of La Mancha!

7) OOAK Steampunk Cthulhu Pocket Watch

Is it time for the stars to be right?

8) Cthulhu HP Lovecraft small sized PROP radio

You’re listening to KTLU, Radio R’lyeh…

9) Standing Santa Cthulhu Figurine

The horror! The horror!

As always, this post was brought to you by The Book of Cthulhu, now available from better independent booksellers everywhere, and online through, and Barnes & Noble. Want your bookstore mentioned here? Drop me a line!

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