Listen to Christopher Reynaga’s “I Only Am Escaped Alone to Tell Thee”

In the latest issue of Locus, critic Stefan Dziemianowicz highly lauds Christopher Reynaga’s “I Only Am Escaped Alone to Tell Thee,” (from The Book of Cthulhu II) saying the tale “so perfectly conflates Lovecraft’s ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ with Moby-Dick (albeit with a bit of Coleridge and Yeats thrown in for good measure) that it comes as a surprise that no writer had thought to do this before.”

I stab at thee!

Now, by special arrangement, The Book of Cthulhu II presents your chance to hear the author read this whale of a horror tale through the Soundcloud widget below.

Christopher Reynaga is a first place winner for the 2012 Writers of the Future, recipient of the Bazzanella Literary Award for Short Fiction and a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop. He has stories appearing in such venues as Cemetery Dance, Boys of Summer and Expanded Horizons. You can follow him into the dark heart of the woods at